[Three photographs taken in a two-mirror Schlieren system (with knife edge) show the same set up in the time of thirty seconds. All three images are on a black ground and depict a lit candle with its reflection in a round telescopic mirror. The first image hosts entropic air currents curled to the side with the lit candle’s flame blown to the right. The second image shows the same still lit flame now upright with smooth upwardly vertical trails of imaged heat on the golden mirror. The third image holds a striated vertical plume responding to subtle air currents in the room.]

Constantina Zavitsanos
Trifecta, 2023
three digital prints on dibond
30 cm x 30 cm each

Constantina Zavitsanos: Simulcast, Galerie Max Mayer, Düsseldorf, 2023 Photo: Simon Vogel…