Score For Before [with Park McArthur]
Score For Before [with Park McArthur]

[Image Description: Triptych of screenshots reading, from left to right,text reads as:
Think about your first lift with your partner.
Know that your partner has done this one million times more than you and that in twelve point font, a list of names of people that have done these lifts with her is 8 inches long when printed and leaves a 14 inch block of space for all the names that will come after you.
Realize you don’t remember the occasion of your first time, despite never having done this before.
Realize that she probably does remember.
Consider this discrepancy.
Know that now feels like the first time precisely because the first time felt like you’ve done this forever.
Pull the manual chair down the ramp backwards.”
Notice your partner’s lap has been the same shape for some time and ask if she’d like it tight or open.
Wait for her response.
Bend over and pick up her leg from the mid calf.
Place her ankle over her opposite thigh.
Adjust as directed.”
Come early and plan in advance to wait.
Wait on broken lifts to take your partner to where you go easily.
Arrive late together despite your best attempts to be on time or before it.
See all it took to get here.
Know exactly what it costs to get in.
Read into this.
Wait to speak while planning your exit.
Take the LIE toward Brooklyn and back pedal across the Manhattan Bridge.”]

scores for acts of care with 2 or more: text, screenshot, dimensions variable

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